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18 holes of golfing pleasure, sitting on the lower slopes of Mount Iwaki with picturesque views out over the Sea of Japan


Arnold Palmer designed Aomori Spring’s 18-hole golf course to strategically challenge golfers of all abilities, from championship golfers to amateurs.

From long 5-par holes to more technical doglegs with two-tier greens and many scattered ponds and bunkers throughout, this course can be as technically challenging as you like.


Terrain Hilly, undulating, wooded.
Style of play All set self-play; riding cart use; twosome also available if required.
Green Bent
Course OUT 9H P36 IN 9H P36″
Course rate 73.6
Yardage 3502Y(OUT) 3602Y(IN)
Practice grounds Available
Card payment Available
Accommodation Rockwood Hotel & Spa
Footwear Soft spikes or spikeless shoes only; metal spikes not allowed.
Equipment delivery Available


1st Hole

Give it your all hitting a tee shot on the vast fairway. The undulating green calls for a strong yet measured approach.

2nd Hole

Take note of the orientation of the pin flag as the direction of the wind can change significantly, impacting where you should position your club. Don’t forget to account for the downhill direction.

3rd Hole

Par 5, with a dogleg hole to the right. You’ll want to leave a 100 yard distance after the approach shot before making your second shot.

4th Hole

Par 4, with plenty of distance. There are no bunkers on the green.

5th Hole

A short distance hole, with a green surrounded by scattered bunkers and ponds.

6th Hole

Be careful not to be misled by the false sense of distance, created by the bunker which lies in front of the green. Select a larger club and deliver a strong hit to make it to the green.

7th Hole

A dogleg hole lies on the left. Note the bunker to the right of the green and choose a larger club.

8th Hole

With no bunkers on the fairway, don’t hold back when making a tee shot. Given the overall right incline, make your shot from the left.

9th Hole

Exercise restraint when tackling the dogleg hole on the right. Watch out for the flowing creek to the left of the green.


10th Hole

Take a softer approach to the dogleg hole on the right. Bunkers lie to the left of the green.

11th Hole

Be gentle with par 5. Although the distance is relatively short, exercise caution and take note of the undulating grounds.

12th Hole

A large green with a two-tier green on the right side.

13th Hole

Make a gentle tee shot here. Bordered by a guard bunker on the right, this hole makes for a narrow play.

14th Hole

Take on a sloping fairway from right to left, with a pond on the right side of the green.

15th Hole

Use a gentle approach on this par 5. Be careful of the bushes on the right when making your tee shot.

16th Hole

With a tightly undulating green, approach this dogleg hole with care.

17th Hole

Watch out for the pond on the left and the bunker on the right, and make a dead on pin shot with par 3. Don’t forget to account for the wind and downhill slope when choosing your club.

18th Hole

Be careful of the bunker in the centre of the fairway and the pond on the right of the green.