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Welcome To The Aomori Spring Golf Club

Set amongst lush green forests and cool mountain streams, the Aomori Spring Golf Course pits players against a range of hazards including narrow, tree-lined fairways and water hazards.

Explore The Course

Designed by one of the all-time greats of the game, Arnold Palmer, the Aomori Spring Golf Course is strategically formed to challenge golfers of all abilities, from championship golfers to amateurs.

Dear Valued Guests

    With the increased social distancing guidelines provided for by the government as a result of the Covid -19 virus, at Aomori Springs Golf Resort we are implementing the following changes to our regular operations:

    Up and above our already high cleanliness and hygiene standards, we have increased cleanliness and hygiene for the safety and security of our team members and guests. We appreciate your support in partnering with us in these changes.

    From 11 May onwards, we will be offering early bird golf at fantastic prices as well as sunset play. This allows you additional opportunities to enjoy golf and play at times typically not offered.

    We truly appreciate all of your support and look forward to welcoming you to the course soon.

    Precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus disease

    We take the following precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease in the golf course.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    * Please note that the contents below will be changed depending on the situation.


    Requests to guests

    If you have a fever or any other symptoms including cough, difficulty breathing, or fatigue, please refrain from entering the golf course and playing golf.

    If you do not need lunch in playing through, please inform us of it in advance.


    Indoor precautions

    Hand sanitizing sprays are put at the entrance of the facility. Disposable paper cups are also placed in the restrooms. Please practice hand washing and gargling.

    Please note that ventilation is performed regularly in the building.

    Disposable paper towels are placed in the restrooms instead of hand dryers.

    Disinfection work is performed preferentially at places where direct contacts occur frequently.

    When we clean restaurant tables, we wipe them off with disinfectant.

    Precautions performed by employees

    We always wear a mask at work.

    Anyone who has a fever of 37 degrees or more never comes to work.

    We perform “hand washing, gargling, disinfecting” regularly. Please note that we share the restrooms.

    Some employees wear disposable rubber gloves.

    18 Hole Course

    Designed by the great Arnold Palmer.

    Hotel Packages

    Staying at the Rockwood Hotel.

    Eagle Membership

    Exclusive membership deals!

    Catering to all levels.

    Our highly-strategic course will challenge every level of golfer and our affordable rates will keep you coming back again and again, whether it’s a day trip or a multi-day package staying at the Rockwood Hotel & Spa.

    Take in the stunning scenery.

    Our terrace overlooks breathtaking views of the Sea of Japan and the Tsugaru Plain. End your round with your favourite beverage from The Kings Inn and a gorgeous sunset.